Lyrics Baby Keem - cocoa

I’m ballin' with my friends
Starin' at the money in a trance
Lil baby, can I be your mans?
I might have to buy her OnlyFans
Huh, she gave me pussy as just friends
I feel like nothing but I made her man
I’m done, baby, I can’t be your friend
You might give the pussy to my mans
Huh, ugh, you toxic
A-ha-ha-ha, you toxic
You wanna stay? Don’t stay, play
Do you not like your house? It’s your place
Vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom
Spent half a mill' on grandma house and then I zoom
Got way more money than my peers, you would assume
In competition with myself, I cannot lose
What we gon' eat?
I don’t do Nobu, baby, that’s him, not me
We fuck, wake up, you go, we go to…

Release date: 11-09-2021

Song cover: Baby Keem - cocoa

🎶 Who is the author of the song cocoa?

Song cocoa wrote Baby Keem.

🎤 Who sings a song cocoa?

Song cocoa performedBaby Keem.