Lyrics Baby Keem - gorgeous

Glow seats, gang, goin' ape shit
I’ma have the Patek, hold the sky
Bad bitches poppin' 'til they not
Tame Impala niggas in the cut smokin' pot
Prada bag shawty, used the bitch as a prop
And my bitch is gor-gor-gorgeous
Independent, straight out them apartments (Straight out, straight out)
I’ma give her maximum performance (Straight out)
I can’t fall in love because I’m heartless
Trophies hidin' in the nosebleeds
Baby, get to know me, I got rich off no sleep
Baby got the Rollie, workin' through the proceeds
Baby, I go toe-to-toe-to-toe with the whole league
Baby, let’s get low-low
Hidin' from them cameras, you can tell me what they don’t know
Take a private flight overseas with these logos
Take a private flight to the breeze, fuck the promo (Shh, shh, shh)
Ego jumpin' out the Birkin, bitch, go lay it down
Niggas out here trickin' on you, how is this in style?
He gon' send a little bit to keep you down
And you might do a little bit to keep him 'round
I like my women smart, I like it when they brown (Mmh)
How did you buy that ass? Did you buy pound-for-pound?
I populate the status, populate your crowd
Man, let these hoes keep talkin', let 'em run they mouth
And my bitch is gor-gor-gorgeous
Independent, straight out them apartments
I’ma give her maximum performance
I can’t fall in love because I’m…
Ooh, mmm, yeah (Ooh)

Release date: 11-09-2021

Song cover: Baby Keem - gorgeous

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