Lyrics Don Toliver - Crossfaded

It ain’t that much to do out here, I see you
I see you
I get a little bit crossfaded, catch a vibe, ooh
Sometimes you’re toxic (Toxic)
I’m through with nonsense (Nonsense)
And whatever you call this, yeah
But I’ve known you for a long time (Long time)
Put you on your own grind (Yeah, yeah)
Need you on my own line
Starin' at the sunrise
It be hella hard to cut ties
Me and baby start an enterprise
Speedin' in that SV (Woah-oh)
Leg room on sight, ain’t gotta touch the key (Yeah)
When you know you need help, ain’t gotta ask me
Ain’t got your own bag and yes, I’m happy
Oh, yes, I’m happy (Oh)
I wanna feel the juice at th car lot
Gimme head at the light whn the car stop (Car stop)
In the Range, in the Jeep, in the droptop (Droptop)
Hold me down, gotta watch for the co-o-o-ps
My block (Yeah), my block
You know what you’re doin' on my block
Tried to sit you down, this a time out
Guess that really shows you what I’m about (What I’m about)

Release date: 08-10-2021

Song cover: Don Toliver - Crossfaded

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